This Is Madness: Hondo declares victory and announces Phase II for Team Hondo

Team HondoHondo here. First off, I think that there may be some shady things going on with the ‘This Is Madness’ game at Namely, that Cad Bane did better than me in a popularity contest. People want to hang out with me. People do not want to hang out with Cad Bane. I may not have gotten 72% of the dark side vote like Cad Bane, but I got 28%. And that’s a win for Hondo and for Team Hondo. We have, as those Browncoats say, done the impossible. Hondo has gotten more votes than any other second-place vote getter so far. Not even the great Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn got 28% against Obi-Wan Kenobi. And that’s how it is going to stay!

Team Hondo has a new mission: Make sure the lower seed in the rest of these first tier rounds does not beat Hondo’s record. So vote for the obviously more renowned character as the game goes into the lower quadrants on the board.

Phase II – Today’s picks for Team Hondo:

  • Light Side: R2-D2 vs C-3PO. The Professor against everyone’s favorite character. And so really, pick everyone’s favorite character, R2-D2. As a pirate, while protocol droids come in handy when negotiating, an astromech is so much more versatile for breaking into things, smuggling things, and stealing loot. R2-D2.
  • Dark Side: Boba Fett vs Dengar. Does Hondo even need to tell you who to vote for here? Actually, you don’t have to even vote. I’m that cocky.

Am I bummed that I didn’t decisively beat Cad Bane? No. Because I can still win the entire game. Because Hondo always ends up on top. Except when Jedi or Sith get in the way. Or when my men sell me out.

Big thanks to everyone who has been a part of #TeamHondo, especially to Justin at (who also found a great Best of Hondo video), Tricia and Lex at Fangirl Blog (who gave us an update on the tookas), and Bryan at Big Shiny Robot! for letting me run amok on their sites. And all of our friends on Twitter, supporting #TeamHondo, and getting the word out online, Hondo raises his glass to you all. Team Hondo isn’t done yet, so stay tuned!

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  1. I’m wondering if they’ll show how many people have actually voted, whether that be an overall number at the end or (more interestingly) per round/matchup

  2. Cad Bane is a more interesting character than Hondo? This really IS madness!

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