On Twitter? Let’s #SaveTheCloneWars on Saturday!

The Clone Wars Season Five logoStar Wars Underworld is promoting a #SaveTheCloneWars Twitter protest on Saturday to help show Disney and Lucasfilm how big and passionate the fan base for Star Wars: The Clone Wars is. Basically, they want the hashtag #SaveTheCloneWars to trend with people sharing their support for the future of the show, on Saturday at the normal broadcast time (well, West Coast broadcast time: 9:30 am PT / 12:30 pm ET). This is on top of the mailed letter campaigns directly to Disney and Lucasfilm.

If you haven’t sent a letter yet, get some key talking points and the addresses for Disney and Lucasfilm from Star Wars Underworld or from SaveTheCloneWars.com or look at the tips I posted last week at the end of my reaction roundup post.

See you on Twitter on Saturday, and pass the word around!

4 Replies to “On Twitter? Let’s #SaveTheCloneWars on Saturday!”

  1. I love The Clone Wars, I really do, but I’m fine with it ending. It couldn’t last forever, and it wasn’t quite staying fresh after five seasons. Tomorrow I’ll likely be tweeting #It’sOkayIfTheCloneWarsDiesBecauseThenWeMightGetAnXWingShow

  2. I really like The Clone Wars, and I’m sad that it’s ending. It has a lot of great female characters, excellent animation, interesting storylines–and yeah I’m going to say great female characters again, because it’s not like action/adventure shows that regularly pass the bechdel test with flying colors are terribly common.

    I’m trying to stay upbeat about the Disney merger and I’m excited for new films. But when it comes to The Clone Wars, it’s hard not to feel like one of Wash’s dinosaurs (curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!).

    (Not that I really think canceling a show is ‘betrayal,’ but ‘curse your sudden but inevitable consolidation of assets!’ just doesn’t have that ring to it).

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