EW to host May 4th Return of the Jedi screening


StarWars.com has announced that there will be a special screening of Return of the Jedi at Entertainment Weekly’s CapeTown Film Festival in Hollywood on May 4th. The screening, held at the at the Egyptian Theatre where it premiered in 1983, is to celebrate the film’s 30th anniversary.

It’s clear that this is the thing that was teased by EW’s Geoff Boucher on Twitter, but I have to wonder what if there’s a big scoop is coming to the magazine itself to coincide with all this? Bigger than a ‘publishing announcement,’ even?

(Oh yes… and there will be ‘guests.’)

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  1. From what I’ve heard, tickets are only $11, which is about the same price as going to a regular movie. Hmm… May 4 is a Saturday and also Free Comic Book Day.

  2. The big question … Is it the ORIGINAL theatrical version or one of the others?

    1. It’s almost certainly going to be the DVD or Blu-Ray version, but I’m sure if it’s the original, they’ll say so at some point. But I wouldn’t hold my breath. (Hell, I wouldn’t put it past Lucas to have something written into the sale contract re: the original/altered issue!)

  3. I’ve been to every screening of Star Wars in the Los Angeles era in the last ten years, a few have claimed to have the original version, but then it isn’t.

    Lucasfilm was always cool about getting good prints to those putting on the screenings though.

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