Grease traps ahoy: The Solo/Denny’s alliance has officially begun

Denny’s did a big reveal of their Solo stuff today, beginning with Collider debuting a commercial for the promotion. The commercial may be for the restaurant, but the set is a recreation of the one from the film, with Solo production designer Neil Lamont and creature supervisor Neal Scanlan on board, per io9. The fateful card game between Han and Lando takes place there, and the creatures are mostly from the movie as well. (And note the sabacc cards!)

The trading cards are being sold at Denny’s to raise funds for No Kid Hungry, a charity that helps provide meals for kids in need. They’re available in the restaurants or online (maybe).

We also learned a few new character names (including possible all-timer Therm Scissorpunch) and you can check out more from the event at Making Star Wars. And behold, the menu:

(There are a surprising amount of pop rocks.) The special menu will run from April 3 through June 26.

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