Solo teams up with Denny’s, bring on the special menu

Looking for the actual reveal? It’s this way.

I have a suspicion that young Han Solo is exactly the kind of guy you meet when you’re hanging around at Denny’s in the middle of the night, so it’s only appropriate that the diner chain is one of Solo’s promotional partners. The Solo special menu is coming April 3.

It’s not hard to imagine what’s in store for us: Corellian food was regarded (in Legends, at least) as being heavy, greasy, and fried – right in the Denny’s wheelhouse. (And who could forget their Hobbit menu?)

Solo cups are also getting in on the action. The film’s working title, Red Cup, was a reference to their most well-known product.

Other brands include Star Wars veterans General Mills and Nissan, plus Esurance and Symantec.

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