How to up your Star Wars news IQ

There’s a lot of Star Wars misinformation floating around right now. There’s the brouhaha with the Brazilian posters, the Solo report that stoked every fanboy “fear” and finally, the whole recast-Meryl-Streep-as-Leia petition that got manhandled into a “rumor” by the unscrupulous.

The latest episode of Full of Sith unpacks all three, explains why these kinds of thing spread so easily, and why it’s so important to be critical of the news you read – particularly when it’s telling you something you really want to hear.

Meanwhile, in two separate videos, Star Wars Explained goes after the posters and Meryl Streep stories, tracing them to their sources and gauging the reactions.

It’s not hard to sniff out irresponsible reporting, it just takes a bit of knowledge, practice and caution. Stay critical, my friends.