The fandom minute: Should George Lucas retire?

George Lucas in Carbonite @ Celebration Japan (Bonnie Burton / the Maker? The relaunched Sci-Fi Wire (now in blog form!) has come up with nine reasons for George Lucas to retire already. Cinematical then made a poll out of it, and ‘yes, please’ is winning. Your thoughts? I honestly don’t care all that much as long as he sticks to the prequel/intertrilogy era.

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  1. I’m so far behind on things.

    I think there’s yet another variation on this question: should he retire from his franchises?

    I think George has enough talent to create new projects that have nothing to do with his established franchises. I thought his intent was to move away from those, anyway.

  2. Until I was at home and watched the DVD at Christmas, I don’t thin it hit me what bugged me most about IJ&TKOTCS (except the OVERLONG TITLE, GEORGE.) Besides watching the extras and realizing he REALY SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO STEPHEN a lot more than he did, it was getting halfway through and going “Hey! This is National Treasure! With aliens!” I then back-to-backed both National Treasure movies and you know what? Crystal Skull was like National Treasure only with aliens! (There is even a joke in the latter when a character, with a logic not normally seen in these sorts of films, wonders how all these horribly complicated booby-trapped underground treasure troves could have been built by people without any modern technology and the computer whiz/sidekick deadpans “Aliens.” My parents and I immediately said “The guys from Crystal Skull had a fire sale.”) The thing is, NT doesn’t take itself seriously. Crystal Skull….

    He’s ripping off moderately successful Disney/Bruckheimer popcorn-flick Nicholas Cage vehicles. At the very least it’s time for a long vacation.

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