Fate of the Jedi: Tidbits on the Outcast cover

Sure, we got Blood Oath the other day, but as things stand that’s not coming out until December… Whereas the first Fate of the Jedi book is due in March. No doubt we’ll get it soon, but for now, here’s what Sue Rostoni has to say:

I think I had posted earlier that OUTCAST would have Luke and Ben on the front — but we reviewed the cover yesterday and think it will look better with just Luke (Ben on the back) — Plus, the FOTJ is going to have a completely different cover treatment than what we’ve used in the past.

I don’t think having a EU character featured on the front is going to make a difference to readers — it hasn’t in the past, for the most part.

As long as it the phrase ‘like Rebel Force‘ doesn’t come up, I’m hopeful! Meanwhile, there’s been a little confusion about Outcast being in Previews under the name The Hidden Ones, which Sue says was a working title/placeholder.