Star Wars Always: The complete franchise trailer we kinda need right now

Actor Topher Grace made some headlines in 2012 when word leaked that he’d privately shown an 85-minute version of all three Star Wars prequels. That’s unlikely to ever see the light of day, but he and friend/collaborator Jeff Yorkes have now released a 5-minute “mega-trailer” for the franchise, including both complete trilogies, The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, Rogue One and Solo. It’s absolutely worth a watch, and the perfect thing to come out as we await Episode IX.

Tonight in The Force Awakens: Red carpet shenanigans

mark-redcarpetI was only able to see about half the world premiere red carpet livestream, but I did catch the most magical part: Carrie Fisher interviewing Oscar Isaac. Or attempting to interview. Whatever it was, it was wonderful, and you can watch it on Youtube.

I wasn’t able to collect tweets, but here are some from The Hollywood Reporter, Jedi News and @bahnree. There are also pictures at Variety and The Wrap. (The best. Or maybe…)

UPDATE: Kathleen Kennedy’s speech inside the theater and some of the first reactions.

→ Kathleen Kennedy and J.J. Abrams talked to /Film on how they collaborated with Episode VIII writer/director Rian Johnson, and how IX director Colin Trevorrow will likely work in.

Wired takes a look at Sphero, and how exactly BB-8 was a boon for them.

→ Some great The Force Awakens fashions by designer Catherine Elhoffer. You may have seen them on the red carpet tonight!

→ Andy Serkis ‘confirms’ evil Jar Jar on Conan.

→ Korean boy band EXO has an (authorized) song called ‘Lightsaber’. We truly live in an age of wonders.

Rancho Obi-Wan’s first book to highlight fan art and artifacts

Rancho Obi-Wan: Inspired by the Force: Star Wars Fan Artifacts & ArtSteve Sansweet’s Rancho Obi-Wan will highlight fan contributions to Star Wars fandom in their first book, Inspired by the Force: Star Wars Fan Artifacts & Art, which will debut at Celebration Anaheim in April. It’s intended to act as “an exhibit guide,” so the Rancho Celebration exhibit will also be fan-heavy this time:

The Rancho Obi-Wan Experience exhibit will feature fan objects and art starting in the late 1970s through today, from an airbrushed van tire cover and hand-tooled leather backgammon board to a Chewbacca tissue box cover and bird house, from amazing art mash-ups based on a print by Goya and a painting by Picasso to bizarre limited edition figurines made by urban artists.

The Rancho Obi-Wan exhibit at Celebration VI featured several fan creations – including one by a Jader – but this will no doubt be an even greater variety. I just hope they have more floor space this time!

In any case, the book will be $25 and pre-orders for pickup at the con will begin in March.

Etsy scavenger: Jewelry, accessories and more

Time to start thinking about all the trimmings for Celebration VI… We already know all the official stuff that will be on the ground there, so why not gather up some fanmade accessories to impress the crowds with now?

Hat. This R2-D2 fleece hat ($19) is by Akiseo Accessories. They also have a Boba Fett and numerous options inspired by other fandoms and national flags.

Necklaces. May the Force Be With You ($12) by McMakin Designs is one of several; The Wookiee Inspired Polymer Clay Necklace ($22) is byRapscallion Design – check the shop for more Star Wars! The Rebel Necklace (£5/$8) is by ZABZU; The Vintage C3PO ($25) from Liam & Leia is interesting… But what you really want to check out is the Hand Formed Death Star from Griffin’s Nest Jewelry. At $117.89 it’s the priciest selection here and merely aspirational, but well worth a look. For cheaper options they make a Death Star Pandora Style Bead ($84.98) and a Darth Vader ($63.98.)

Hairstuffs. The Wide Headband ($8.99) is by Mrawp Shop; The Scarf Tie Headband ($9) is by Melrowe and the Retro Comic Bow ($5) is from Geeky Gamer Shop.

Couple stuff. His and Hers? The I Love You/I Know bracelets ($25) or the Princess/Scoundrel set by Spiffing Jewelry may fit the bill. You’ve already seen the rings, I’m sure.

Dude, or at least not specifically girly, stuff. Darth Vader belt buckle by Idillard is one of several; There Is No Try, by One Eyed Fox , is another metal bracelet, for those flying solo, or go leather with a May the Force Be With You braided wristband ($17.50) by Leather Made Nice. Or get a new wallet for the occasion… The Leather Yoda ($90.00) by World of Leathercraft (Also has Fett, Ackbar) or keep it on the cheap with one made of duct tape, like the Jedi or logo ($10) options by Moist Snail Poop.

Etsy scavenger: Get your Star Wars dress-up on

Celebration VI is almost 5 weeks away now, and you’ve probably been thinking about it for a while. Still, after watching the chaos of SDCC, it’s hard not to get inspired to up your wardrobe game from mere t-shirts… And for those of us who use sewing machines more as bedside tables than as actual tools, that means heading to Etsy. First up, above, are some great dresses.

Cocktail Hour on The Death Star by Nerd Alert Designs is a Mad Men fabulous 60’s-styled dress in a Darth Vader fabric. It’s available in sizes extra small to extra large and, as a custom order, can take up to three weeks to ship. (There’s also an Ewok/Wookiee dress and a romper in the Vader fabric.) $90.

Go a little more modern with the Star Wars Dress in Blue and White by Tea Time Inc.. This isn’t my favorite of the new fabrics, but it does look fabulous in this cut and I kind of want one. There’s another medium in the shop, but can be ordered custom as well. They also have a Millennium Falcon skirt. $120.

Take things down a notch with this upcycled red and houndstooth Star Wars dress by repurposefulPUNK. Our most casual (and affordable!) option today, it’s made from an old tee and available in sizes extra-small to 2X. (She has a similar dress in >brown and plaid.) Only $64!

We return to more classic lines with the Star Wars Pin Up Apron Cut Dress by BongaChopShop. This is one of the kind and made with vintage fabric – check the listing for measurements! It’s fully lined with pockets, piping trim and adjustable straps. (She also has a high-waisted skirt and corset!) $150.

The Chapter One dress by Cha Designs also features vintage fabric and classic lines. It’s a size 4 and will cost you $185.00.

If you do have a time crunch and absolutely must have something you find on Etsy for Celebration, please be sure to check with the seller to see if the item can be shipped in time!

Monday: Accessories! Yes, even some for you, dudes

Ashley Eckstein to host geek girl fashion panel at SDCC

Her Universe is hosting a panel celebrating geek girl fashion at San Deigo Comic Con, MTV Geek reports. They’re on the lookout for “custom-made cosplay ,” but I have the feeling other geek custom-wear will be welcome as well!

the panel will feature a lineup of experts — made up of fashion buyers from Hot Topic, designers, and stylists — who will be on-hand to judge the best outfit! So don’t miss out on the chance to win great prizes, see awesome fashions, and talk all things Geek Fashion!

The panel will be Saturday at 6:00pm in Room 25ABC.