Etsy scavenger: Jewelry, accessories and more

Time to start thinking about all the trimmings for Celebration VI… We already know all the official stuff that will be on the ground there, so why not gather up some fanmade accessories to impress the crowds with now?

Hat. This R2-D2 fleece hat ($19) is by Akiseo Accessories. They also have a Boba Fett and numerous options inspired by other fandoms and national flags.

Necklaces. May the Force Be With You ($12) by McMakin Designs is one of several; The Wookiee Inspired Polymer Clay Necklace ($22) is byRapscallion Design – check the shop for more Star Wars! The Rebel Necklace (£5/$8) is by ZABZU; The Vintage C3PO ($25) from Liam & Leia is interesting… But what you really want to check out is the Hand Formed Death Star from Griffin’s Nest Jewelry. At $117.89 it’s the priciest selection here and merely aspirational, but well worth a look. For cheaper options they make a Death Star Pandora Style Bead ($84.98) and a Darth Vader ($63.98.)

Hairstuffs. The Wide Headband ($8.99) is by Mrawp Shop; The Scarf Tie Headband ($9) is by Melrowe and the Retro Comic Bow ($5) is from Geeky Gamer Shop.

Couple stuff. His and Hers? The I Love You/I Know bracelets ($25) or the Princess/Scoundrel set by Spiffing Jewelry may fit the bill. You’ve already seen the rings, I’m sure.

Dude, or at least not specifically girly, stuff. Darth Vader belt buckle by Idillard is one of several; There Is No Try, by One Eyed Fox , is another metal bracelet, for those flying solo, or go leather with a May the Force Be With You braided wristband ($17.50) by Leather Made Nice. Or get a new wallet for the occasion… The Leather Yoda ($90.00) by World of Leathercraft (Also has Fett, Ackbar) or keep it on the cheap with one made of duct tape, like the Jedi or logo ($10) options by Moist Snail Poop.

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  1. This is scary. I was looking at the pandora-ish beads this morning.

  2. i love etsy. just wish i had the money to buy some of these things. so want my own japor snippet though. so going to bookmark this. :)

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