Santa Maul suggests pretty, shiny things to lure unsuspecting victims

Santa Maul's Holiday Gift GuideIt is with a distinct lack of regret that Santa Maul admits he is suffering from ennui this holiday season. After all, what could be more festive than utter boredom? Santa Maul has seen it all.

So naturally, he turns to flowers. Santa Maul’s friend Bright Copper Penny is creating Star Wars themed ‘Penny Blossoms’ for these who desire to feel pretty or witty or whatever.

For those with crasser tastes geared towards base metals, there is always the assorted Lord of the Rings paraphernalia, such as earrings or the actual One Ring. (Sold out, of course.)

Less apt to get one hunted down by particularly dim Ringwraiths is the ‘European-style charm bracelet,’ which is slightly less tacky and significantly more geeky than the versions Santa Maul has seen plastered on billboards in his travels.

For those who do not fall for the allure of shiny things, Santa Maul recommends the Han Solo in Carbonite business card case and Death Star ice mold. Santa Maul freezes his with ball bearings before putting it in the Maul family holiday punch bowl – it’s always fun to see which of his dim-witted bisected cousins ends up swallowing the most.

Etsy scavenger: Jewelry, accessories and more

Time to start thinking about all the trimmings for Celebration VI… We already know all the official stuff that will be on the ground there, so why not gather up some fanmade accessories to impress the crowds with now?

Hat. This R2-D2 fleece hat ($19) is by Akiseo Accessories. They also have a Boba Fett and numerous options inspired by other fandoms and national flags.

Necklaces. May the Force Be With You ($12) by McMakin Designs is one of several; The Wookiee Inspired Polymer Clay Necklace ($22) is byRapscallion Design – check the shop for more Star Wars! The Rebel Necklace (£5/$8) is by ZABZU; The Vintage C3PO ($25) from Liam & Leia is interesting… But what you really want to check out is the Hand Formed Death Star from Griffin’s Nest Jewelry. At $117.89 it’s the priciest selection here and merely aspirational, but well worth a look. For cheaper options they make a Death Star Pandora Style Bead ($84.98) and a Darth Vader ($63.98.)

Hairstuffs. The Wide Headband ($8.99) is by Mrawp Shop; The Scarf Tie Headband ($9) is by Melrowe and the Retro Comic Bow ($5) is from Geeky Gamer Shop.

Couple stuff. His and Hers? The I Love You/I Know bracelets ($25) or the Princess/Scoundrel set by Spiffing Jewelry may fit the bill. You’ve already seen the rings, I’m sure.

Dude, or at least not specifically girly, stuff. Darth Vader belt buckle by Idillard is one of several; There Is No Try, by One Eyed Fox , is another metal bracelet, for those flying solo, or go leather with a May the Force Be With You braided wristband ($17.50) by Leather Made Nice. Or get a new wallet for the occasion… The Leather Yoda ($90.00) by World of Leathercraft (Also has Fett, Ackbar) or keep it on the cheap with one made of duct tape, like the Jedi or logo ($10) options by Moist Snail Poop.

Naboo earrings coming from Her Universe soon

The consensus in the comments of Wednesday’s post seemed to be that the Amidala-inspired t-shirt was too subtle, but I have to say I don’t think it was subtle enough.

You want subtle? These earrings fit the bill exactly. They look to be based on the silver Naboo charm that Her Universe sold at the summer cons.

Are they Star Wars? Of course. But they’re not in your face – or scrawled across your chest – and only another Star Wars fan would know: That’s the very definition of subtle Star Wars merchandise to me.

In the news: VW keeps Star Wars, trades in kid for dog

Star Wars and the Super Bowl. Stuart Elliot on the New York Times’ Media Decoder blog has some details of this year’s Volkswagen Star Wars commercial. The kid isn’t returning (guess I need to change the name of our tag) but it does involve a dog named Bolt and a Beetle. The Star Wars bit? Looks like a cantina alien or two may show up. On that note, the Washington Post Style Blog has an interview with Jeff Elmassian, who helped created ‘The Bark Side’ teaser.

One MILLION. The director’s cut of Star Wars Uncut has already seen more than a million views on Youtube, says the BBC.

Gaming. Ben Fritz and Alex Pham take a look at The Old Republic for the L.A. Times‘ Hero Complex.

People (and puns.) Carrie Fisher subbed for Kathie Lee on Today this morning. Luke Perry happened to be the guest, and he revealed that Mark Hamill was the only celebrity he ever asked for a photo with.

At random. Behold the Indiana Jones engagement ring.