Naboo earrings coming from Her Universe soon

The consensus in the comments of Wednesday’s post seemed to be that the Amidala-inspired t-shirt was too subtle, but I have to say I don’t think it was subtle enough.

You want subtle? These earrings fit the bill exactly. They look to be based on the silver Naboo charm that Her Universe sold at the summer cons.

Are they Star Wars? Of course. But they’re not in your face – or scrawled across your chest – and only another Star Wars fan would know: That’s the very definition of subtle Star Wars merchandise to me.

3 Replies to “Naboo earrings coming from Her Universe soon”

  1. THESE ARE AWESOME!!!!!! and the best part is you have to be a geek to understand the joke. How much are these???

  2. Since this is just a sneak peek they haven’t announced a price. Similar earrings in the store are $25, but they’re silver, so these might end up priced a tad higher due to the gold.

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