20th Century Fox removes popular Star Wars tribute Returning to Jedi from Youtube

Returning to Jedi, a fan documentary by Jamie Benning, was removed from Youtube due to a request from 20th Century Fox this week. Benning’s ‘filmumentaries,’ — Star Wars Begins, Raiding the Lost Ark — have been wildly popular online, gaining more than 3 million hits over the years, according to Screen Jabber.

In the FAQ on his site, Benning says that while he does burn DVDs of his fandocs “for review purposes,” they are not available for sale. “These are non profit making projects and there for discs of them should not be bought or sold by me or by anyone.”

Benning has removed his remaining docs from Youtube and plans to repost them on Vimeo, he said in a comment on the Star Wars Begins Facebook page.