Looking for Leia aims to document Star Wars’ female fans

The fan documentary Looking for Leia is looking for backers. With only 7 days left in their Kickstarter campaign, they still need more than $8,000 to meet their goal.

The documentary is covering fans of all ages and walks of life:

We’re featuring an intergenerational and culturally diverse group of female fans, as well as women who are film buffs and cultural scholars, cosplayers and gamers, artists and authors. We’re talking to women in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math); women who use Star Wars in the classroom; women whose career path was shaped by Star Wars; women whose love of Star Wars has helped them battle cancer and live with disability and mental illness; mothers, daughters, and sisters in Star Wars families; women who are rebels and royalty, imperials, bounty hunters, and jedi. Every generation has a Star Wars story, and we’re hearing about the original trilogy, prequels, animated series, comics, Extended Universe/Legends, video games, new trilogy, stand-alone films, and conventions.

Head on over to Kickstarter to donate.

Documentary explores the world of Star Wars toys

Given the overwhelming focus on merchandising in Star Wars – and fandom’s continuing fascination with it – there’s no surprise that it’s now inspired a documentary. Plastic Galaxy: The Story of Star Wars Toys is directed by Brian Stillman and will be on DVD in November. (Yes, despite the teaser saying August.) The film will feature “interviews with former Kenner employees, experts, authors, and collectors” and look at history, influence and the current state of collecting. (via)

Video: Star Wars Begins filmumentarian finishes Raiding the Lost Ark

Jamie Benning, who created the Star Wars Begins, Building Empire, and Returning to Jedi “filmumentaries,” has posted the finished version of his latest fan documentary, Raiding the Lost Ark on Vimeo. (He’s not so big on YouTube these days.)

Compiling lots of making-of information with original interviews with several cast and crew members (and even an interview with Blade Runner‘s Sean Young, who had auditioned for the role of Marion Ravenwood,) it’s essentially an super vocal commentary of the first Indiana Jones film. Benning guest-blogged on Empire Online about the making of Raiding the Lost Ark, while PBS dives into Benning’s history of filmumentaries, and GeekDad has a Raiding image gallery

20th Century Fox removes popular Star Wars tribute Returning to Jedi from Youtube

Returning to Jedi, a fan documentary by Jamie Benning, was removed from Youtube due to a request from 20th Century Fox this week. Benning’s ‘filmumentaries,’ — Star Wars Begins, Raiding the Lost Ark — have been wildly popular online, gaining more than 3 million hits over the years, according to Screen Jabber.

In the FAQ on his site, Benning says that while he does burn DVDs of his fandocs “for review purposes,” they are not available for sale. “These are non profit making projects and there for discs of them should not be bought or sold by me or by anyone.”

Benning has removed his remaining docs from Youtube and plans to repost them on Vimeo, he said in a comment on the Star Wars Begins Facebook page.