Sunday watcher: Building Empire, a fan documentary

This fan documentary by Jambe Davdar gathers together commentary, alternate takes and behind the scenes footage for a look at The Empire Strikes Back. (via) Head beneath the cut for the rest.

Davdar has also done a 23-part documentary on Return of the Jedi, and there’s a preliminary on A New Hope on his Youtube account as well.

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  1. Here’s Mr. Davdar’s project blog:

    These doc.s are required viewing; informative and fascinating.
    Until his ‘Star Wars Begins’ is finished, Garret Gilchrist’s ‘Deleted Magic’ (ANH) completes this trilogy.

    The difference between ‘Star Wars Begins’ and ‘Deleted Magic’ is DM focused on what was removed from Star Wars, while SWB will have a larger scope. There’s some overlap, so watch both. Completely worth it.

    Deleted Magic got an upgrade last summer, when footage got enhanced as new computer technology could be applied to the source material.

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