I hate you, George! (I love you, George!)

A couple years back, there was Star Wars on Trial, a great collection of essays arguing about whether or not George did right by us.  Now there’s a documentary doing the same thing premiering at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, next month.

The People vs George Lucas strives to figure out whether or not George is the devil disguised in all his evil marketing glory or the Great Flanneled Creator of all things good.

They interview the grand and the not-so-grand, alike.  And just a wee bit of silliness thrown in.  If nothing else, it will serve to stoke the fires of fanboy debate for a while.  And that’s always fun. (via)

The fandom minute: TPM documentry, PT defense, AT-STs in the park, plus cake

gffa-docContinuing adventures in TPM nostalgia. Everyone’s talking about the documentary A Galaxy Far Far Away, which has a 10th anniversary edition out. (Hey, it was news to me!) The reviews are not all so good, though.

And on that note… Somewhere on the internet, someone is always defending the prequels.

Pro art: Colleen Doran shares the original sketch for her Anakin/Padme card from the Galaxy 4 set.

Gathering: A Geekdad spotted a Star Wars event in in London, Ontario a few weeks back.

There must be cake. Perhaps the most amazing AT-AT cake you’ve ever seen.

Fun fact: Darth Vader’s reveal to Luke is the most misquoted phrase in film.

What? I can’t believe GalacticBinder found even one, let alone ten Star Wars surfing crossovers.

Do you know your place in the galaxy?

Neil Baker, aka the StarWars.com blogger nob01, is putting together a fan documentary called A Place in the Galaxy on the Star Wars blogging community. He’s recently launched a site for the project, and will be at CIV with camera in hand. In his own words:

The theme for the film is how communities grow and nurture their family members.

A Place in the Galaxy is a documentary examining the phenomenon of Star Wars and the nature of the fan community that has built up around it. The film will partly focus on the blogging and fan site community, and will investigate the relationships between fans, their common dreams, their personal stories and how the Star Wars saga has impacted their lives.

And we thought it smelled bad on the outside…

TFN pimps A Great Disturbance.

Several of us watched this ‘mockumentry’ Sunday night at JadeCon. It was… to put it lightly… not very good. It was actually rather painfully unfunny, and not a ‘offensive’ way. (Let’s face it – we love mocking, and certainly the fandom is ripe for it, but A Great Disturbance is not the mockumentry you’re looking for.) You don’t have to take my word for it, but I implore you not to waste your hard-earned $10.

Positive… Um… The opening credits were well-done? And Phil is in it for like two seconds, in the background laughing his head off while Jar-Jar and anti-Gungan factions taunt each other. And we had truffles. They were really good truffles.