The fandom minute: Ponies, Artoo, and Jar Jar make one hell of a party

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  1. OMG, PONIES. I WANT. NOW. *covets hardcore*

    That Artoo is pretty awesome, and hula girl Vader is hypnotic. I’ll have to come back to read the Jar Jar defense when I have more time.

  2. Thanks for linking up to my Jar Jar piece. The response has been fantastic… (though some fans have been choking on their own hubris to “flame” me.)

  3. Swank/Bryan: No problem. ;)

    I’m quite happily apathetic when it comes to the prequels, so I really don’t see the point of continuing to be so angry at stuff like Jar Jar. It’s been almost ten years! Long past time to chill.

    I was never all that interested in the PT to begin with, but I did have an intense teenage ‘hater’ period regarding a certain EU author who predates them. And sure, I nursed that for a while, but it’s been a long few years since I bothered to literally dwell on it.

    As irritated as one can get by certain thing, the fact is this franchise is huge: There are going to be plenty of things that you don’t like. You need to either accept and deal or move on.

  4. We’re at the point in the franchise where people need to be told it’s okay to diversify their interests. We need to put together a helpful HR-style video explaining that much.


  5. Pablo: That would go over fantastically! Or not. Alas, one downside of this whole blogging thing is I feel like I can’t ignore half as much as I would prefer to…

    Swank: Got it in one.

  6. Yeah, but it’s your blog! You don’t have shareholders! Ignore away! Not digging TFU? CW? Then skip it! Concentrate those energies and snark on Twilight! :)

  7. Swank, I was talking to someone today about Star Wars, he immediately targeted Jar Jar, and I proceeded to spend a long time thinking about him. And then I come here and find your article. What timing!

    He’s bumbling, backwater, primitive, stupid, an outcast even among his own–but he has perhaps the purest heart in all of SW, and I can’t help but pity him (& his reputation, which has grown negative beyond reason).

    And then, of course, he’s increasingly swallowed up by bureaucracy to the point of meek oblivion. I have to say, I’d have been curious to see more of him (which is not to say I think there should’ve been more of him).

    Pablo, I agree re: diversification. I was struck by how TCW and TFU, for launching so close together, and for being such similar mass-market multimedia interquel projects, go in so very different directions.

    And then there’s Death Troopers.


  8. Pablo: Wait. Do you want more Twilight snark? ;)

    But, point. I’ve had a few ideas peculating on that very topic… New directions… Etc.

  9. I don’t know the first thing about Twilight, but I love reading your take on it!

  10. I agree, Toph. And I hope some of the arguments in my essay might help others convince prequel-bashers that Jar Jar isn’t all bad.

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