Etsy Scavenger: Star Wars wear & carry edition

This second set of Etsy finds this week highlights things you wear and carry. Corsets, hats, buttons… Anything you can imagine, someone has no doubt made it. (No jewelery, but everything I saw this time I’ve already blogged about.)

Come back Wednesday for the final installment!

Etsy Scavenger: Star Wars art & decoration edition

Like any good Jawa, I go into Etsy looking for posting material and I come out with far too much. So this time, instead of throwing a huge list at you folks, I’m splitting it up. First up, art.

Next set will be up Monday. Happy browsing!

The fandom minute: Should George Lucas retire?

George Lucas in Carbonite @ Celebration Japan (Bonnie Burton / the Maker? The relaunched Sci-Fi Wire (now in blog form!) has come up with nine reasons for George Lucas to retire already. Cinematical then made a poll out of it, and ‘yes, please’ is winning. Your thoughts? I honestly don’t care all that much as long as he sticks to the prequel/intertrilogy era.

It’s always Star Wars time with a spaceship clock

Star Wars spaceship clock by YOUgNeek @ etsy

I really like this Star Wars clock – it’s ultra geeky but also totally low-key – if this was an official product it would be black and the logo would be 500% bigger and I would wince every time I looked at it. Alas, it’s been blogged all over so YOUgNeek is probably swamped with orders. (And the logo is even optional! Swoon.) Be sure to check out the rest of her store, there’s some pretty neat stuff in there.

The fandom minute: What man wouldn’t want to smell like Lando?