Move over, Potter: Twilight fans are the new crazy

Is it... An incomplete Muppet? Please let it be an incomplete muppet.

Do you know what this is? It’s been all over the internet lately. Peer beneath the cut to for all to be revealed. (Um, spoilers for the Twilight sequels, if you care.)

…It’s a felted Bella womb, as inspired by Breaking Dawn. Yes, womb. Complete with mutant vampire spawn.

Sorry Harry Potter fans, but you’ve been thoroughly outmatched, at least in the crafts department. But you’ll always have MsScribe.

10 Replies to “Move over, Potter: Twilight fans are the new crazy”

  1. I think that I might be sick.

    Though, actually, my first thought was that it was a felt geode with a tiny felt fertility goddess inside.

  2. We held a wedding in Vegas for cardboard cutouts of fictional characters (and accidentally left the happy couple in the bathroom at the American Legion Hall afterward). We held a baby shower for said fictional couple’s fictional firstborn child. We held a funeral, complete with bagpiper, for a fictional Wookiee who got hit with a moon. We at ClubJade know from crazy.

    But that thing? That thing is beyond crazy. That thing is flat-out Fucked. Up. Thank you, Twilight fans, for making us look so normal and tame.

  3. Doyle’s first thought is right. It’s a felt geode. That’s all it is. Any implication to the contrary is simply mistaken. Yes. That’s it.

  4. So I love Twilight, but I love Star Wars WAY more and this has made me not like Twilight anymore. This is sick.

  5. Well, as mockworthy as Twilight is, this is (as far as we know) the work of an individual. A lot of crazy in this specific fandom doesn’t mean the entire fandom is crazy… Just a some of them. (I mean, look at Harry Potter. The bigger the fandom, the more crazy you get, but not all HP fans are nuts.)

  6. Ew, I thought that was like a rotted apple from the cover of Twilight or something. But this is just disturbing.

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