We’ll learn about Finn’s origins in Rise of Skywalker (and other news)

The Rise of Skywalker (D23 sizzle)

The Rise of Skywalker will address Finn’s origins, J.J. Abrams tells Vanity Fair‘s Anthony Breznican. “I’m not saying we get full, exhaustive downloads on all of their childhoods and every major step that got them to where they are,” Abrams said. “But there are a lot of questions about Finn’s past, about Poe’s past, obviously Rey and Kylo, and then some of the new characters we meet.”

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OPI to launch ‘Oz’ nail polish in March


Is my long hoped-for Star Wars nail polish line pretty much inevitable? In the spring, OPI will have a collection inspired by Disney’s Oz: The Great And Powerful.

One would expect an Oz collection to have a more vibrant selection of colors (ahem) not be relegated to the generally boring ‘soft shades’ line, but, well. Let’s hope that if Star Wars ever gets in on the action, it’ll be something more in the vein of the James Bond or Muppet collections.

Now there’s a James Bond nail polish collection

This is just getting ridiculous, honestly. If the ‘manliest’ franchise of them all, James Freaking Bond, has a nail polish collection, why can’t we? (I do hope I’m speaking too soon, given we of a a major release date or two coming up in 2013…)

You can get up close and personal with the Bond swatches at The PolishAholic and Polish Addict: I’m partial to Live And Let Die and The World Is Not Enough, while The Spy Who Loved Me may make for a good Phantom Menace Amidala look.

The Skyfall line is OPI’s holiday collection, and should be available at salons and (some) beauty retailers now.

I’m dying for an (official) Star Wars nail polish collection

As you may have noticed, one of my other obsessions is nail polish. And it’s getting more popular overall, as well. In recent years we’ve seen celebrities and movies get their own collections – OPI has done collections for Alice in Wonderland, The Muppets and many more. Next month, China Glaze’s Hunger Games collection will be in stores. (One could argue that they started the trend with a Wizard of Oz-inspired collection.) Even the new Spider-Man film is getting in on the action. And hell, remember Revlon Carbonite?

So why not Star Wars? The prequels especially have very lush color palettes (you could do something decent off Padme’s wardrobe alone) and the original trilogy is no slouch either. (Neutrals! Very popular.) They’ll certainly sell – nail polish addicts may not always know or like the source material, but they snap them up anyway. And there are 5 more 3D re-releases to promote! Now is the time.

I went a little nuts on the topic this morning on Twitter. Have an idea, or know of an existing polish that screams Star Wars? Tweet to @clubjade! (Or retweet this if you’re in favor of the idea.) I’ve made a Storify, under the cut, for the subject: Check it out for some suggestions you can go out and buy today.

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Etsy scavenger: Custom Star Wars nail polish

Amanda Collier makes nerd-inspired custom-blended nail polish that she sells on Etsy in her Nerd Lacquer shop. They’re pretty heavy on the glitz and glitter – be sure to take a closer look at the Star Wars line (above,) A Glitter Far, Far Away.

My personal favorite, color-wise, is the Doctor Who collection, Mad Man with a Box. There are also collections inspired by Firefly, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Monty Python, Star Trek and more. The polishes go for $8 each, or in sets of three for $24.

Carbonite on Carbonite: Nail polish vs. the real thing

The winners of our Revlon Carbonite nail polish giveaway have been chosen, but if you didn’t win, the polish display has been spotted in drugstores around the country. One of the people who found it was Rach, a Jader who just happens to own a life-size Han in Carbonite replica. She took some pics of her Han with the polish:

Here’s what Rach had to say: “Does it match? Well… kinda. Just like the comparisons to Graphite it’s just a wee bit too gold.”

In true dedication, Rach painted a crack on her Han’s thumb with the polish: “It blends from a distance but up close you can tell it’s been painted.”

We’re not sure if this polish is a limited edition* yet, so be aware it will be on a standalone display somewhere near the makeup. (I found mine on a Meijer endcap.)

HUGE thanks to Rach for the pics, and happy hunting, everyone!

* The bottle says ‘New Shade,’ but so did a previous Chanel dupe which don’t seem to have made the permanent collection.

Giveaway: Win a bottle of Carbonite nail polish

So I have another obsession: Nail polish. I’ve kept it off the blog because, well, it’s not usually relevant. Until now… Sort of. See, Revlon has a new shade called Carbonite.

Yes, seriously.

A bit of background: For the past few seasons, Revlon has been releasing ‘dupes’ – shades that are near matches – of the very expensive Chanel polishes. Carbonite resembles Graphite, which retails for $25. I found the Revlon for $3.99. Is it any wonder the dupes fly off the shelves?

But anyway… Since I found the polish for so cheap, I picked up a couple of extras, and I’m going to give them away to you. All you need to do is comment and tell me which Star Wars character you would like to see frozen in carbonite. (Nicely.) Two winners will be picked via a random number draw, and I’ll mail each a bottle of Revlon Carbonite — and maybe another polish or two.

If playing the numbers isn’t your game, or you have deep-grounded moral objections to freezing fictional people in liquid metal, Revlon Carbonite may be on your store shelves now.

Comments will be closed Sunday, August 7, and the winners will be notified on Monday.

And the rest: Wonder Woman may not have a new TV show, but she does get a makeup line

Her TV show revival may be dead (or is it?) but MAC Cosmetics is releasing a limited edition line of products inspired by Wonder Woman. (Get a closer look at Vampy Varnish – Pending swatches, I might actually spring for the nail polish.) MAC has previously released a Disney Villains collection.

More superheros, less makeup. If you weren’t on the internet yesterday, you might not have heard that Sony released the first picture of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man. (If you were on the internet yesterday, I apologize for being the last in a very long line.) Also debuting: Chris Evans in his full Captain America getup.

I have a bad feeling about this… 41,763 people won $150 in cash by playing Hurley’s numbers from Lost in the Mega Millions lottery.

Carlos the Dwarf approves. NBC’s Community – which you really ought to be watching, if you aren’t already – will have a Dungeons & Dragons-themed episode.

What. The most exciting severed hands of all time. Oh, io9.