I’m dying for an (official) Star Wars nail polish collection

As you may have noticed, one of my other obsessions is nail polish. And it’s getting more popular overall, as well. In recent years we’ve seen celebrities and movies get their own collections – OPI has done collections for Alice in Wonderland, The Muppets and many more. Next month, China Glaze’s Hunger Games collection will be in stores. (One could argue that they started the trend with a Wizard of Oz-inspired collection.) Even the new Spider-Man film is getting in on the action. And hell, remember Revlon Carbonite?

So why not Star Wars? The prequels especially have very lush color palettes (you could do something decent off Padme’s wardrobe alone) and the original trilogy is no slouch either. (Neutrals! Very popular.) They’ll certainly sell – nail polish addicts may not always know or like the source material, but they snap them up anyway. And there are 5 more 3D re-releases to promote! Now is the time.

I went a little nuts on the topic this morning on Twitter. Have an idea, or know of an existing polish that screams Star Wars? Tweet to @clubjade! (Or retweet this if you’re in favor of the idea.) I’ve made a Storify, under the cut, for the subject: Check it out for some suggestions you can go out and buy today.

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