Giveaway: Win a bottle of Carbonite nail polish

So I have another obsession: Nail polish. I’ve kept it off the blog because, well, it’s not usually relevant. Until now… Sort of. See, Revlon has a new shade called Carbonite.

Yes, seriously.

A bit of background: For the past few seasons, Revlon has been releasing ‘dupes’ – shades that are near matches – of the very expensive Chanel polishes. Carbonite resembles Graphite, which retails for $25. I found the Revlon for $3.99. Is it any wonder the dupes fly off the shelves?

But anyway… Since I found the polish for so cheap, I picked up a couple of extras, and I’m going to give them away to you. All you need to do is comment and tell me which Star Wars character you would like to see frozen in carbonite. (Nicely.) Two winners will be picked via a random number draw, and I’ll mail each a bottle of Revlon Carbonite — and maybe another polish or two.

If playing the numbers isn’t your game, or you have deep-grounded moral objections to freezing fictional people in liquid metal, Revlon Carbonite may be on your store shelves now.

Comments will be closed Sunday, August 7, and the winners will be notified on Monday.

34 Replies to “Giveaway: Win a bottle of Carbonite nail polish”

  1. I’d like to see Han frozen in carbonite, so I could be there to rescue him and ahem, warm him up.

  2. Captain Rex or Obi-wan! I mean really, everyone needs a frozen man around…..

  3. EU character: I’d freeze Callista because… yeah, she’s no Mara.

    Movie character: Jabba because I think he’d make an interesting art piece and could double as a slide for my son.

  4. Okay, I’ll be the first to admit it…

    I’d freeze Mara, so I could conveniently hide her, steal her identity, and take her place in the universe. You would, too.

  5. I’d say Daala. Fitting as she had the Horn kids imprisoned in it. Then again, that idea only works if the control panel on the block, ahem, was defective.

  6. I would freeze Ysanne Isard – putting Icehard in carbonite just seems fitting! But I’m make sure the thawing mechanisim had been permanently disabled…

  7. I’d freeze Anakin Skywalker mid-Revenge of the Sith. Luke & Leia could stay together, proper training would happen…would be interesting.

  8. I agree with Chris. Jar Jar needs to be frozen, and left in long-term storage. I’d be OK if the indicator lights turned off, too.

  9. Hm..I’d freeze Sabe…but I’d tell everyone it was Padme, just to mess with them.

  10. I would go back in time and freeze Mara before Sacrifice so that she wouldn’t die and could just skip the whole Jacen-fiasco. :P

    Or, actually, maybe Anakin Solo for the same reason. Either way.

  11. Although I think a Stormtrooper or Clone in carbonite would be something the 501st would display proudly, Admiral Ackbar has such sculpture that he would be my choice!

  12. Anakin Skywalker frozen in Carbonite so we would never have to listen to his whining and complaining again. :(

  13. So many choices!! I’ll have to pick Jacen, before he goes on his ridiculous 5 year ‘finding himself’ journey post-NJO. It just led to a string of bad characterization and book series that go no where. That should save a bunch of characters too. We can unfreeze him for Tenel Ka, if necessary. ;)

  14. Tho freezing others would be bad I’d have to say I’d do it for good. Like freezing Chewbacca and then thaw him out after the Yuuzhan Vong invasion so we can still read about him :-))

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