Now there’s a James Bond nail polish collection

This is just getting ridiculous, honestly. If the ‘manliest’ franchise of them all, James Freaking Bond, has a nail polish collection, why can’t we? (I do hope I’m speaking too soon, given we of a a major release date or two coming up in 2013…)

You can get up close and personal with the Bond swatches at The PolishAholic and Polish Addict: I’m partial to Live And Let Die and The World Is Not Enough, while The Spy Who Loved Me may make for a good Phantom Menace Amidala look.

The Skyfall line is OPI’s holiday collection, and should be available at salons and (some) beauty retailers now.

2 Replies to “Now there’s a James Bond nail polish collection”

  1. I’m a bit of a nail polish fan, too. Seriously EVERY FANDOM has a collection now. If Muppets can get it, why not us? This is a serious licensing opportunity you are missing out on, GEORGE.

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