Now there’s a James Bond nail polish collection

This is just getting ridiculous, honestly. If the ‘manliest’ franchise of them all, James Freaking Bond, has a nail polish collection, why can’t we? (I do hope I’m speaking too soon, given we of a a major release date or two coming up in 2013…)

You can get up close and personal with the Bond swatches at The PolishAholic and Polish Addict: I’m partial to Live And Let Die and The World Is Not Enough, while The Spy Who Loved Me may make for a good Phantom Menace Amidala look.

The Skyfall line is OPI’s holiday collection, and should be available at salons and (some) beauty retailers now.

Poll: Pick your winter genre movies

The notable lack of a big franchise fantasy film* for the season makes the coming months slim pickings for genre fans, unless one happens to be a preteen girl (Twilight) or their younger siblings (Bolt) or a [male] comics fan (Punisher: War Zone, The Spirit) or one of the two people who thought The Day the Earth Stood Still remake was a good idea. Okay, so maybe I’m wrong.

* Moment of silence for the delayed Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

At least the rest of us can console ourselves with the fact that there now exists a sci-fi horror musical with Giles Anthony Stewart Head rendering violence upon Paris Hilton. Right? Or at the very least, Daniel Craig takes his shirt off. Vote for up to eight movies beneath the cut! Continue reading “Poll: Pick your winter genre movies”

Drive-by movie news: Star Trek bonanza! SF adaptions! Johnny Depp! Don Cheadle! Muppets!

Go boldly to the newstand: Star Trek is the cover story for the new Entertainment Weekly. The cover promises new photos and a set visit, but if you’re dying to see something, there are already a few images out and about the web. In any case, it shouldn’t be a long wait: We’ll see the story and images up at soon enough.

Bond joins the party: In other news, the first full trailer for Trek is set to be attached to Quantum of Solace.

  • Adaptions: Ridley Scott is planning a return to sci-fi with Joe Haldeman’s The Forever War; io9 found some comments from Haldeman and suggestions for filming (or not) his back catalog.
  • Pirates payday just a rumor? Writer Terry Rossio says that Johnny Depp isn’t getting $50+ million for a fourth POTC film. Cinema Blend has doubts. Whatever, man.
  • Don Cheadle in for Iron Man 2: Cheadle will replace Terrence Howard as sidekick (and eventual War Machine) Jim Rhodes.
  • For adults! Like me! The Jim Henson Co. has picked up a “comedic film noir murder mystery” script called The Happytime Murders. It sounds a little like Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but I’m a total sucker for muppets so I’ll probably end up seeing it anyway.

Movie News: Indy, Hobbit, Bond, Pirates

TEASER: Indy’s posts another behind-the-scenes video, this time focusing on the original iconic Hat. also has a scan of a new photo featuring Shia LaBeouf and Cate Blanchett.