Carbonite on Carbonite: Nail polish vs. the real thing

The winners of our Revlon Carbonite nail polish giveaway have been chosen, but if you didn’t win, the polish display has been spotted in drugstores around the country. One of the people who found it was Rach, a Jader who just happens to own a life-size Han in Carbonite replica. She took some pics of her Han with the polish:

Here’s what Rach had to say: “Does it match? Well… kinda. Just like the comparisons to Graphite it’s just a wee bit too gold.”

In true dedication, Rach painted a crack on her Han’s thumb with the polish: “It blends from a distance but up close you can tell it’s been painted.”

We’re not sure if this polish is a limited edition* yet, so be aware it will be on a standalone display somewhere near the makeup. (I found mine on a Meijer endcap.)

HUGE thanks to Rach for the pics, and happy hunting, everyone!

* The bottle says ‘New Shade,’ but so did a previous Chanel dupe which don’t seem to have made the permanent collection.

5 Replies to “Carbonite on Carbonite: Nail polish vs. the real thing”

  1. Great pics, thanks for sharing Rach!

    I found mind on a Meijer endcap too. It was buried on the bottom shelf, I almost walked right by it.

  2. I’m such a geek, I had to know if they matched!

    The pictured bottle came from CVS. It was with a bunch of other Revlon displays at the front of the store. I’d tried a couple RiteAids, but they didn’t have it.

  3. Stopping by my Ulta today… Usually they seem to have these things first, so I was surprised that Meijer had them. But I’ve already bought five bottles (two for giveaway, two for CJ auction, one for me!) I don’t need any more. ;)

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