launches “This Is Madness” character bracket pool

SW-this-is-madnessWith a video from Darth Vader, the official site launches their version of the annual NCAA hoops tournament. Entitled “This Is Madness”, the system will pair up characters in daily online votes, with the winners from the light side bracket facing the winner of the dark side bracket on April 9. Check out the video from the Dark Lord and get the full bracket information for the champion of fan favorite characters.


The first vote starts on March 18, with Han Solo going head to head against Lando Calrissian on the light side, and Darth Vader paired against Gonzaga General Grievous. Characters from the entire saga, from Wedge and Wicket to Mace Windu and Darth Maul to Ahsoka Tano and Hondo Ohnaka fill out the brackets. Amazingly, the pool is 1/8 female, which just slightly beats out representation by droids. Mashable predicts a Han Solo vs. Darth Vader showdown in the final.

In the video, Darth Vader describes how the game works, and then pitching for himself, with “As much as I hate democracy, vote now, vote often, and vote Vader” so he can beat both Obi-Wan and the Emperor. Personally, I’d like to put this concept in a head to head match-up with deciding to strike down The Clone Wars and Detours for “awesomest” announcement of the week.

9 Replies to “ launches “This Is Madness” character bracket pool”

  1. “General Grevious”? And that from the team that brought us “The Star Wars style guide”?
    Shame on you, James. Shame. On. You.


  2. As the one who actually wrote the style guide, I apologize. I did not copy-edit this post due to my extreme personal distaste for all March Madnesses.

    By which I mean, there was a lot of TV on last night. ;)

    (It’s fixed now.)

  3. Gonzaga! I always picked them to go far based on their name alone. Aaaand thus you can see how much I actually care about basketball.

    I may participate in this, just for sheer entertainium.

  4. “Mashable predicts a Han Solo vs. Darth Vader showdown in the final.”

    I’d be amazed if this didn’t happen.

    Won’t stop me hoping for Luke v Palpatine though. ;-)

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