A new FAQ, and the skinny on our comment policy

Obi-wan MartiniIf you’ll excuse a bit of a housekeeping post this morning, I just want to point out that we have a new site FAQ. Some of the content is from our old, desperately outdated FAQ, but for the most part it’s brand new and completely revised.

It explains our policy on Episode VII rumors, where we get book release dates, that whole pineapple thing, and perhaps most relevantly, our comment policy.

As the site has gotten more and more popular, the number of comments has followed suit. Generally that’s been a good thing, but it also means we have to be more on guard: We certainly don’t aspire to be one of those sites where you don’t want to read to comments, ever. We’ve been moderating comments pretty heavily recently what with recent posts on controversial topics like the prequels, politics, and the end of Clone Wars.

Here’s the question on comments in full for the link-shy:

My comment was moderated/never showed up. What gives?

Several comments are moderated. It’s generally not personal – for instance, all first comments are automatically moderated. All of them. Some comments with certain keywords regarding hot-button issues are automatically monitored. Most comments are approved within a few hours at most.

Comments that are not approved are generally for a few reasons – being off topic, bad grammar, insults and the like. It’s okay if you disagree with us or things we link, but don’t be a jerk about it.

Our goal is for our comment section to be a pleasant place to converse – though obviously we’re rather snarky ourselves, so we don’t mind a bit of bite at times. (And no, we haven’t always been perfect!) But we don’t want to be a place for unhinged ranting and raving, either – there’s plenty of forums for that already. We strongly suggest you read Dunc’s post on fandom civility – it is very relevant to the types of comments we are and aren’t interested in hosting.

There’s a fine line to sarcasm and snark. If you cross it, or if you’re outright rude or otherwise inappropriate (we really don’t care if you want to ‘tap that,’) we may just choose not to host your comment.

We’re not super-strict in the grammar thing – none of us are English teachers (i.e. don’t worry if you mix up ‘who’ and ‘whom’) but this is not Facebook or an IM chat. You do have to be in the wheelhouse.

So, basically: Play nice. Be on topic. Type properly.

Now, most comments have been approved, and I suspect most will continue to be approved, but it’s clearly more than time to make our unofficial policy official.

For the record, the most common reason for not being approved? Bad grammar. Followed by being off topic. True nastiness has been a very distant third, and I hope it stays that way. But again, I do encourage folks – new readers especially – to take a look at the civility post. There’s probably nothing on the site more relevant to the community we’d like to see.

12 Replies to “A new FAQ, and the skinny on our comment policy”

  1. Ok but: Obi-Wan with a bunny and a drink the size of his head. Is that what Jedi heaven looks like?

    Sorry–being off-topic on a post about not being off-topic. But Obi-Westside just looks so chill.

    1. Well, it’s my own fault for throwing a JadeCon pic on here. But I had to have something and hey, what’s more CJ than a drunken Obi-wan?

  2. I seem to be recalling some nonsense from some EU source about how Jedi can’t get drunk, so maybe he just likes martinis. (Appletinis?).

    But Obi-Wan and Ani do manage to get blackout drunk/roofied in that one episode of The Clone Wars, so I guess that settles that: Obi-Westside, buzzin’ with a bunny.

    1. The only place I can recall seeing ‘Jedi can’t get drunk’ is in fanfic, but given how little PT EU I’ve read it could very well be in there somewhere.

      Of course, if it happened in TCW, it must be canon. ;)

  3. One of the early WEG sourcebooks (stop looking at me that way!) had a playable character who was, essentially, a Jedi drunk. If that aint canon, I don’t know what is.

  4. The only place I can recall seeing ‘Jedi can’t get drunk’ is in fanfic

    There’s a joke in here somewhere, but I can’t figure out how to make it not-a-cheap-shot.

    (Because Obi-Wan would only drink the top-shelf stuff, amirite, ladies?).

  5. im pretty sure that WEG old drunk jedi was also a mean drunk. not at all like our blitzed friend above, just chillin’ with a lagomorph.

  6. Obi-Wan blatantly says he’s going for a bit of booze in AOTC, and in such a way that you know it’s not the first time, so I say Jedi drunks are fair game.

    Besides, he just looks so sassy and stylish in that photo. How could he not imbibe from time to time? ;)

  7. Obes is okay to imbibe on the PT front as far as I know. Yeager bombs away!

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