‘Interesting’ Star Wars publishing announcement coming to Entertainment Weekly

Lucasfilm executive editor J. W. Rinzler tweeted the above this morning, and it raises a lot of questions… Given Rinzler handles mostly nonfiction and art texts, my guess is a book on the company’s acquisition by Disney, or a new art book we haven’t heard of yet.

Of course, it could be pretty much anything up to and including the future of the Expanded Universe. (Not that that writing isn’t already on the wall. ) Personally, I think that topic may be a bit too obscure for a mainstream publication like Entertainment Weekly, but it’s certainly going to come up as we wait.

The next issue of EW is coming out tomorrow, but ‘near-future’ implies we’ll be waiting a bit longer. Hopefully not too long, because there’s little that sends fandom into a panic like announcing announcements.

8 Replies to “‘Interesting’ Star Wars publishing announcement coming to Entertainment Weekly

  1. My guess, considering the type of books Rinzler works on and how closely he works with George, is that this might be some sort of George Lucas exit interview. An expanded version of the Businessweek article, if you will. What Star Wars meant to him, why he decided to sell, etc.

  2. “Interesting”? Okay, my bet is hereby on a Journal of the Whills facsimile edition. :-)

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