Rumor: Big Episode IX costume leak

Last night, a poster on Reddit shared a set of small, blurry photos that claim to be costumes and concept art for Episode IX. I usually don’t post about Reddit leaks, but this one is big enough and looks like it could be possibly legit – they collaborate several other rumors, including another set of spy photos. I’m not posting the pictures, but basic details (without any descriptions or spoilers) and the link are below the cut.

The images include established characters like Rey, Kylo, Poe and Lando, as well as the new ones played by Richard E. Grant and Dominic Monaghan. (And, yes, it spoils their roles, at least in as much as you’d expect we’ll learn from early publicity.) The bulk of the leak are new aliens. Some of them are concept art, which means they may or may not have made it to the screen. The character pictures do look real, but at this resolution they probably wouldn’t be that hard to fake.

Yet again, I remind folks to be cautious about taking leaks to heart. Even if these are legit, it’s always possible that they’re early costume tests and might not be reflected in the finished product. It’s always nice to get a little something, but please be skeptical until/unless we get something official that backs them up.