Episode IX filming spotted; Fun with Finn and Poe?

We’ve seen the Falcon now, but how about Finn, Poe and Chewbacca? The Sun has some spy pics of John Boyega, Oscar Isaac and Joonas Suotamo filming with some other actors/extras “just a few miles outside of London.” Unlike yesterday’s spotting, this one could be considered actually spoilery, so don’t click through if that sort of thing matters to you.

Of course, this being the Sun, there’s also some blathering about Ewan McGregor, who is probably not in this one. (Well, maybe. It’s a big maybe.)

Some observations below the cut.

– Finn seems to be wearing a similar vest/shirt combo to what he had in the J.J. Abrams picture, but the real surprise seems to be that he’s wearing Han’s pants from ANH? Or something similar, blue with a reddish stripe. I’m not sure it matches the more gray/brown look up top, but fuzzy paparazzi pics are hardly the best way to judge colors.

– Could one of the other actors here be newcomer Naomi Ackie? Way to not get any closeups of the lady with the yellow shirt/cape, Sun.

– There are horses, and they appear to be wearing costumes of their own to obscure most of their natural shape. The overall look seems to be furry sheep, and I’d bet on their heads being CGIed. Mini-banthas?