Queen of the Rose

LucasOnline’s Kelsey McCalla is one of the lucky ladies who’ll be wearing a screen-used Padme costume in this year’s Tournament of Roses Parade. She blogs about her costume-fitting experience here, and has posted pictures of the fitting! Meanwhile, every Padme costumer in the world seethes with envy.

5 Replies to “Queen of the Rose”

  1. Oh, to be so tiny! That’s really cool, though. Could you imagine getting to try on THE costumes?

  2. Thank you! i will have a great time I already know it. Trying on the costumes was so neat and the parade will be even more awesome….Thanks Mary!!!

  3. Wow! That is really awesome! You are definitely one of the luckiest Star Wars fans around. Do you know if Lucas is looking for more Padme models to don some of the other costumes for the Parade? How did you get chosen? How do I sign up? Pleassssssssssssse tell me. Thanks and May the force be with you!!! :-)

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