Video Monday

Rose Bowl Highlights from, with a lot of footage you won’t see elsewhere, including Mary’s serenade. Also from Pasadena, The Troopers on the Bus and Disco Steve, (not Sansweet) who appears to be… I don’t know.

All the stuff I didn’t link last week

Mary Gets Serenaded

It’s a rare thing for us to see Mary Franklin flustered.

It only lasts a few minutes, but you can see her just a wee bit flumoxed as she is serenaded by some very talented members of the Grambling State Band, as seen in this video.

She, of course, gets over it quickly and appears to be quite enjoying it. Lucky Mary!

Thanks to Jimmy from GA501st for the tip that this was finally posted.

Video Monday

Tonight, on Baltar’s Basestar… the Battlestar Galactica Season 3 Gag Reel. Waaaatttccch iiitttt. (Warning: Language above and beyond ‘frak’.)

Two more Star Wars PSAs: Candy Wagon and Podracers.

Rose Parade humor: Stormtrooper gets dressed down by drill instructor, Jimmy Kimmel mocks.

Yoda Spears. I… I… I don’t know. But it’s brilliant anyway.

Dancing stormtrooper action

Bob Eubanks apology

DJ Maul wrote to Bob Eubanks about the Rose Parade annoucer’s discourteous comments regarding the 501st (“They need to get jobs.”) and received an apology. There’s also word that Eubanks made a public apology, but the main source seems to be a now-deleted entry on a Livejournal community. I’ll be keeping an eye on for further news.

ETA: L.A. TFNers are saying that Eubanks was taking calls on Mike & Brian, a local radio show.


It’s the 30th anniversary of Star Wars, so expect… stuff. Yeah! Also, Rose Parade rehearsal pics.

More Rose Parade coverage:

Several fans on TFN report that LFL people were taping the parade for a DVD release (or Hyperspace, maybe?) Just the sort of thing one would expect on the inevitable Saga box set…