Video Monday

Tonight, on Baltar’s Basestar… the Battlestar Galactica Season 3 Gag Reel. Waaaatttccch iiitttt. (Warning: Language above and beyond ‘frak’.)

Two more Star Wars PSAs: Candy Wagon and Podracers.

Rose Parade humor: Stormtrooper gets dressed down by drill instructor, Jimmy Kimmel mocks.

Yoda Spears. I… I… I don’t know. But it’s brilliant anyway.

Dancing stormtrooper action

2 Replies to “Video Monday”

  1. Okay, that BSG clip his hilarious! We should warn people not to play this at the office unless they have headsets. There’s a bit of language.

    And that Yoda Spears video. I’m afraid!

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