Put your hands up! Join the Party Rock Cantina flashmob Saturday at Celebration VI!

Remember that Party Rock Cantina Band video that was going around last month? We’re going to recreate it at Celebration VI as a flash mob. Because really, where else would you do it?

Anyone attending CVI is welcome to join in– just watch and practice the dance tutorial video (above!) beforehand, then show up in the Hall C Lobby (the one that had the giant AT-AT at CV) at 4:30 pm on Saturday. Costumes are highly encouraged but certainly not required. And don’t worry if you think you aren’t a great dancer– this is all about being ridiculous, so just try your best! Please RSVP to our Facebook events page so we have a rough idea of how many people to expect.

We’re still looking for photographers/videographers as well as a way to play the music loudly. Local? Driving? Dig out your boombox!

One-stop rec shop

Attention all fanfic readers: Hie yourselves over to Snacky’s Best Fic Ever poll to recommend your all-time favorites (any and all fandoms accepted) and read what others consider the best of the best. Guidelines are pretty simple:

Occasionally, I see discussions about how this is the best damn fic ever, and you’d give it to people who weren’t even in fandom to read!

Tell me about the greatest fic, the one you’d give to people who aren’t in fandom (although, I’d think they’d need to have at least a familiarity with the source material, but that’s up to you) and say, “OH MY GOD, YOU HAVE TO READ THIS, IT’S SO GOOD!” It doesn’t have to be anything recent – it can be the first or last fic you read, however many years or months or days ago. If you can’t narrow it down, pick two. And please, feel free to discuss the fic in the comments.

Rob + Ambah 4EVA

The Survivor: Hoth competition came down to me and Debby. To avoid having to do a final filking contest to determine the winner, we decided to get married and split the proceeds. Except no one else seemed to think it was a good idea. So we rolled Rogue’s handy d20 and Debby won. Which was good, because the grand prize was Trivial Pursuit DVD edition and I’ve got that one already. (I won a giant General Grevious pez dispenser!)

But if anyone asks, we totally got married. Totally.

“smelly boy”

A good night. Most of the suite watched Shaun of the Dead (funny, also gross) while a small but dedicated group watched Arrested Development in the other room. (Gotta love a show where incest is canon. Maeby/George Michael 4EVA!) Then, Jessa premiered the Emperor Noir drink (watch out for the blood on the rim, it stains) and we watched selected clips from Emperor Aaron’s film Deadbacks with live commentary from the director. The White Wampa gift exchange followed; Mary wound up with an inflatable Millenium Falcon while Emperor Aaron stole Susan’s boxers. Now some people are getting massages while others watch Spaceballs.

Wow, that was a remarkably coherent entry for being written under the influence of an Emperor Noir and one-and-a-half Mustafar Meltdowns.

I leave you with this thought: “The geography that I stand compares you superior!”

Ahhh, victory

I won! Second place in the sci-fi category of the GenCon costume contest, that is. Lost out to Iron Man with a night-light in the middle of his chest. Jennifer, Heather Lynn, et al would have been on hand to witness my victory except the “talent” entries drove them screaming from the room.

Now have lovely orange ribbon (not ugly trophy, ha ha to the “lucky” first place winners). Go me!

Ooooh. Yav just came by to give me pretties. King Arthur postcard! I have TWO swords!

(Hey baby baby, you so FINE baby! Can I borrow a cup of sex?)

Lusers kick ASS!

I was going to make fun of Liz for posting that entry under Dunc’s name but then Dunc had to go and fix it. Stupid Drunc Dunc. Also, the Lusers are going to SPANK Vegetarian Spank Inferno tomorrow. I mean today. The clock says it’s past midnight. Because we have SPIRIT and CHEERLEADERS! And very possibly pom-poms.

(Incidentally, I am drunker than Liz but not as drunk as Dunc. At least I’m still coherent enough to correct my typos.)