The Rogue One advertising blitz is taking off

Lucasfilm released a new tv spot – our first for the movie itself – for Rogue One today. The pieces are (mostly) familiar, but assembly may raise some questions on what we know so far. (Though recall the TFA trailers also had bits of dialogue that didn’t make the final cut.)

@garywhitta: Beautiful portrait of Mon Mothma in #RogueOne. #ImWithHer
@garywhitta: Beautiful portrait of Mon Mothma in #RogueOne. #ImWithHer
→ Screenwriter Gary Whitta introduced us to a promo shot of Genevieve O’Reilly as Mon Mothma

→ Another product tie-in spot debuted this week, this one for for Gillette razors. I wonder, are we still calling GFFA bathrooms ‘refreshers’?

→ The @StarWarsUK twitter accounted debuted some new banner art. Will we be seeing these in theaters?

→ Entertainment Weekly’s Anthony Breznican shares a look at the TIE Striker.

→ Yes crafters, there is Rogue One fabric. Check them out at the Fat Quarter Shop.

The Craft Side: 80’s Retro Star Wars comic shoes

Craftster member BenaeQuee made these supremely nerdy decoupage shoes using some “well-loved” 80’s Star Wars comic books. She writes:

I used 10 comic books and poured over the endless panels cutting out various images that appealed to me. Chewie, R2D2, and the Millennium Falcon were ones that I cut out a lot. I found a great piece of Vader dueling shirtless, buff, Luke *hehe* that is the statement on the outside of the left shoe.

The left shoe is the battle between the Rebellion and the Empire. The right shoe is strictly the Rebellion forces. The sole edges are painted in a glittery black paint that reminds me of the night sky (visible in the original picture size linked below) and the upper edges are finished in a black cloth tape and a pin stripe of chrome paint. The heel tip is also finished with the chrome paint.

Later in the comments, she says she used “Liquitex Gloss Medium and Varnish” to seal them, but hopes to use a sealant spray as well. (Can you be too careful?) Seems like a fun project to emulate!

Revenge of the new Star Wars fabrics: Yes, there are more

Reader Reader Travis Hatfield alerted us to yet more Star Wars fabrics on the horizon, via online retailer Fat Quarter Shop. These Original Trilogy patterns are from Camelot Cottons and are, yes, 100% cotton and coming in April.

It looks like Camelot does a lot of licensed fabric – I spot lots of Marvel and DC characters in their category on Fat Quarter, including an aptly named ‘Girl Power’ collection.

Alas, the linked selections seems to be their only Star Wars offering at the moment.

New wave of Star Wars fabrics rolls on

It’s heaven for fabric hunters! I just got back from Joann Fabrics and Crafts where there were loads of designs we hadn’t seen before from Eugene Fabrics.

In addition to the fabrics spotted previously, there were:

  • Three polar fleece designs in Clone Wars, Original Trilogy (in cartoon style) and a black and white Vader.
  • In Clone Wars, there were two flannels; one in blue tones and another in green.
  • A cotton of nothing but Marvel comics covers.
  • An OT ships design to complement the Clone Wars ships design released last year.
  • A black and white cotton with OT characters Vader, Yoda, Artoo, Threepio and Luke.

Sadly, it’s not showing up on their website for ordering, yet. But if you have a store near you they should be able to order it for you.

Even sadder is the complete dearth of “girly” fabric designs. Did they not like how quickly the Leia fabric disappeared the last time? And more smaller designs would be helpful for us quilters. But it’s new stuff! So, overall…Yay!

New round of Star Wars fabrics spotted

There are reports of some new Star Wars fabrics being spotted in the wilds of Joann Fabrics and Crafts that haven’t made it online, yet. Kaithriona reports in the Geekcraft LiveJournal that they’re 100% flannel.

There are three designs, including a large design Clone Wars pattern, a large design classic trilogy pattern and a small repeating Star Wars logo with Imperial symbol.

It’s always exciting to get new fabrics; although it’s a shame that they don’t seem to be coordinating them very well with past releases. But at least there’s something new to play with.