Leia at Razor’s Edge: First Empire and Rebellion cover debuts

Empire and Rebellion: Razor's Edgeio9 has our first looks at the cover for Martha Wells’ Empire and Rebellion: Razor’s Edge. No blurb – the provided text is just the stuff we already know about the series, but hey. Cover!

It’s another new look for Star Wars books – kind of a melding of the stark Fate of the Jedi covers with the old-school photo montages. It’s crisper than the montages, but less severe than the stylized Fate covers – will fandom as a whole like it? Who knows!

Razor’s Edge – we just learned the title last week – is due out in hardcover on October 15. The next entries in the series will probably come in 2014 – we know that James S.A. Corey (Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck) are working on their Han novel, while Kevin Hearne’s Luke novel is still in the outline stage.

13 Replies to “Leia at Razor’s Edge: First Empire and Rebellion cover debuts”

  1. Very sexy. :-) Plus: The overall design seems to scream love triangle. Which might be fun to get back to after all these years.
    All in all, this thing and Kenobi are my must-reads of the year.

  2. Love it. And I appreciate the fact that despite them using an ESB photo of her, they changed the clothing. That kind of imagination doesn’t really seem to happen much with OT characters.

  3. I’m not a female, but I’d think this is kind of demeaning. Leia was never a character who went around in tight outfits in the films (she didn’t don the slave bikini by choice). She was a strong female who didn’t fit into the “femme fatale” label. I’d be curious to hear what female fans think of this cover and whether it oversexualizes the character.

    1. You can read it as a sexy outfit because she’s not swimming in it, I guess, but I mostly see it in the functional light. An outline doesn’t really cry out to me as ‘on display,’ at least not in this context. (Her face is all saying ‘all business,’ not ‘Bond girl.’) Going back to the catsuit post, this is far far more in the vein of the Allegiance paperback – even if it’s sleeveless – than Adam Hughes poured-into-latex-smuggling-beach-balls cheesecake to me.

  4. I love it. I don’t see that as a “sexy” outfit at all – it’s just cargo pants and a long tunic. Very practical.

    It will be my next cosplay. :)

  5. OK, fair enough. I guess it seems a bit out of place for Leia in my opinion, but it’s definitely no Mara catsuit either.

  6. Good cover, though it’s a tad too much Leia Salander over it. Not sexy, though – it’s not skintight – only the arms are exposed, but so were Luke’s in ESB… (and since I loooved that, I shouldn’t be sexistic ;-P)

    I’d love to get back to the love triangle too – and why not? It’s more up to date that ever with Twilight and Hunger Games…

  7. A very practical outfit, actually. I would say it’s the opposite of sexy.

    The pose, however, could be interpreted as sexy, but I’m going to go with saassy.

  8. The angle of her hand vs. the angle of the blaster bothers me. Doesn’t look quite right.

    Other than that I love it. Practical outfit that looks about as tight as her white ESB jumpsuit (sans jacket). Paula has it right with “sassy”. Channeling the Hawkeye look with the bare arms.

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