Coming soon from Her Universe: Star Wars dresses!

Her Universe X-wing A-lineHer Universe Hot Topic Star Wars dressesArtoo costume tank (and mystery tee)

Her Universe has been dropping a lot of pics lately, and I have, alas, been a little too tied up to do much – until today, with the double (triple?) punch of the X-wing A-line and Hot Topic dresses. It also looks like we’re getting an Artoo costume hoodie, but I’m not sure about the purple shirt the little girl is wearing… Anyone recognize it?

We think these will be available very soon (like, next week, probably) – stay tuned! And Doctor Who fans, ThinkGeek is selling new Her Universe Time Lord and Dalek shirts, though Ashley does warn they run small.

6 Replies to “Coming soon from Her Universe: Star Wars dresses!”

  1. I suppose it’d be too much too hope any of those will be in plus sizes? They’re adorable!

  2. The Hot Topic stuff barely comes in ‘not a preteen anymore’ sizes, but there’s hope for some of the others.

  3. I can’t wear that! I’ll burn to a crisp in more than one place! Ashley, not all of us are comfortable showing that much skin. Please provide some more modest dresses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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