May the 4th: Star Wars Day food ideas

Williams-Sonoma Heroes and Villains Cookie Cutter Set

May the 4thHaving Star Wars party food is really all about the marketing. If you get creative with the name, pretty much anything can be part of the theme. So hopefully, as part of your decorating plans, you came up with a design scheme to make signs for your food.

Officially licensed fun
Wookiee Pies, Clone Scones, and Other Galactic GoodiesWant to make some official type food? Check out some of the licensed cook books. The latest, Wookiee Pies, Clone Scones, and Other Galactic Goodies, comes in a box with character-shaped cookie cutters. (If you’re in the States, Barnes & Noble has them in the discount section with the cookbooks.) I’m partial to the Yoda Soda from that book, but there are tons of other ideas in that book and the others that have been released.

Williams-Sonoma has an entire line of Star Wars merchandise to make your cooking life easier. There are endless numbers of possibilities to use the cookie cutters to make sugar cookies or cut out Star Wars-shaped sandwiches.

Feel like being adventurous? ThinkGeek has many of the Star Wars silicone ice trays that can be used not only for really cool ice for your drinks, but to make chocolates and other goodies.

Homemade goodies
Feel like going a more home-spun, creative route?

DimplePrints featured a really cute Star Wars themed party with things like Princess Leia cupcakes and TIE Fighters made by sticking marshmallows between graham crackers using some melted chocolate.

Wookiee Head Cookies by Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons (used with permission)Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons put together this really adorable birthday party with all sorts of creative ideas. The Wookiee Head Cookies are hilarious. But you’ll also see how it doesn’t need to be about making everything from scratch. You can rename existing foods and make them amusing. For example, anyone craving Han Solo’s Rolos?

A Little Bit of Parting Advice
Seeing as Club Jade has thrown more than one Star Wars themed party in its day, we will pass on this piece of advice: never use marzipan limbs as something amusing to put in your lava-colored gelatin… it’ll break down the gelatin and ooze all over the floor! Just clean your action figures and use them, instead.

Either way, the point is to have fun with this. Concentrate on the fun names and think rhymes and puns and you can’t go wrong.

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