Give the gift of blaster to your favorite scoundrel


For those who are looking to make a lasting impression this holiday season, Santa Maul notes that the blaster of one “Han Solo” will be auctioned off in the coming weeks. With a minimum bid of $200,000 this is not an option for those who suffer from the lack of dollars. But Santa Maul is certain that any scoundrel or scoundrel-lover will appreciate the effort.

Han Solo blasterHan Solo blaster

Santa Maul's Holiday Gift GuideIf you wish to be more frugal (or perhaps, less willing to incite violence) in your wooing, the bidding on Professor Jones’ glasses starts at $7,000.

Other items of note in said auction include the hand of a weakling Jedi Master, the sword Excalibur, a golden ticket, a Dalek and several fetching tuxedos.

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  1. Let’s state the obvious: The prop up for auction is NOT the hero prop in the picture with Han, but a stunt casting. Harrison Ford asked to have a fully-functional, blank firing prop for the bunker battle scenes because he prefers the feedback of an actual blast. One can see the prop ejecting spent cases. At other times he’s got the stunt casting so the hero doesn’t get damaged.

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