Trailer: The Amazing Spider-Man 2


6 Replies to “Trailer: The Amazing Spider-Man 2”

  1. I actually liked it. But I’m an old-school Spidey fan.

    ALTHOUGH every time I hear “Richard Parker” I now think of Life of Pi.

    1. Spider-Man has never worked for me, so I’m not really the audience. Never read his comics, didn’t really like the first set of movies, and though the new one was better, I watched it on HBO or whatever. Spidey’s just not something I’m going to go out of my way for.

  2. I read a lot of Marvel comics as a kid and used to love Spider Man, but now as an adult, I get absolutely nothing out of it at all. I’ve watched a number of these films such as Iron Man, X-Men etc and while they are entertaining, they are also largely forgettable in my eyes. It’s all about Star Wars for me and always will be.

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