Today on…

DK Books is doing Star Wars: The Ultimate Visual Guide. Looks like it’ll be pretty extensive. I doubt there will be as much as the Sansweet encyclopedia, but who really needs to know all that much about the second guy on the right in Jabba’s palace anyway?

But what every kid (and more than a few grown-ups) will want for Christmas is the Ultimate Build Your Own Lightsaber Kit. Preorder now and save yourself from the Tickle-Me-Elmoesque feeding frenzy.

And finally, for Hyperspace members, the Set Diaries are returning. Now that the movie is out, Pablo can let loose with all the really spoilery stuff. Today, it’s the cruel fate of Shaak Ti.

Good sci-fi is hard to find

The next season of Battlestar Galactica is coming up next month… The Sci-Fi Channel released a second short preview of the new episodes. For more eye candy, check out the S2 promo pictures.

Extremely focused fans can keep an eye on Unofficial BSG blog and bsg_news for more details, including (links to) spoilers.

And have we mentioned that the Sci-Fi Channel is going to be rerunning Firefly on Fridays? In the proper order? If you haven’t bought or Netflixed the DVDs yet, I (and several other CJers) highly recommend you tune in.

EU Roundup: Republic Commandos, Rogues, and the Naberries

Author Karen Traviss tells fans what we can expect – within limits – from the new Republic Commando book, Triple Zero.

Meanwhile, on, Sue Rostoni confirms that Triple Zero is an add-on to the existing contract and there are still two books left unassigned in the current Lucasfilm/Del Rey contract. No plans for them yet: they don’t have to be assigned until mid-2006.

Sue does refrain from comment on the fate of the Skywalker-Solo clan meeting up with Padme’s family, which could warrant a hardcover. I’m betting they show up in Legacy; with a title like that…

And, of course, September comics. Dark Horse is actually doing something newsworthy: Star Wars: X-wing Rogue Leader #1. Huh.