The year in blogs

According to Blogpulse, Revenge of the Sith was the second most blogged movie of the year. A New Hope also made it in at #24, but there are plenty of other familiar names.

Meanwhile, the Star Wars Last Supper painting we linked in May was one of the most blogged images.

Darth Vader didn’t make the ‘top people’ list, but Harry Potter did beat out President Bush, Pope John Paul II, and Britney Spears for the top spot.

Meanwhile, CJers are working on a best-of list of our own. We’ll be chat tonight (10:00pm Eastern,, #clubjade) if you’d care to join.

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  1. I know they count it, ’cause I’ve had refers from there. But they don’t seem to count the blogs as individual entities. That probably figures into it somehow.

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