Is Serenity over?

Entertainment Weekly seems to think so, but Joss Whedon says they have context issues. Meanwhile, in an interview with Coming Soon, he says “It was hard to make and I’m very tired. I need some sleep, and then we’ll see if people are interested in more, than I have more say.”

So there you go. A nice solid maybe. Someone go tell the Browncoats they can inhale again.

One Reply to “Is Serenity over?”

  1. Oh, people do love to get riled up about the silliest things! This is why fandom can be so funny.

    I will happily follow Joss Whedon into any story he wishes to take me. And if he wants to come back around to Firefly/Serenity again, I will be right there!

    After all, we’re Star Wars fans. We waited how long to see more?

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