Nativity Contest Winners!

And our winner is… Adoration of the Jedi by Leah Mangue of Nerf Herders Anonymous!

c02thumb.jpg c03thumb.jpg

Our judges said: “Those Eopie would be the cutest things ever, except for the Vader-tater and his Evil Halo; A beautiful drawing. Especially like Windu’s tears!”

Our runners up are:

Phil T., who made his nativity as an actual boxed Christmas gift for his nephew:

a02thumb.jpg a03thumb.jpg a04thumb.jpg

Our judges said: “I liked the angels/clonetroopers standing guard with blaster rifles the best.”

T3, aged 6.75, presented the Birth of Artoo, attended by M&M Luke and Leia, Shepard C-3PO, and 3 Jedi Not-So-Wise Men, bearing gifts and riding a Varactyl. Alas, it all goes horribly awry when a Krayt Dragon attacks:

d02thumb.jpg d03thumb.jpg

Our judges said: “”Loved the amount of balance with all the characters as far as
size goes. C3PO as a shepherd is just wonderful.”

And our own Yav send in the Wise Men on their way to present gifts:


Our judges said: “A very nice set of wise men; Artoo as a wise man gets major points”

Thanks to all our entrants! I know there wasn’t a lot of time, but I think we got a great selection of nativities. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!

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  1. This are so nice and brilliant in scheme. But the wise men are going the wrong way. Germany is over *here*.

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