Battlestar Galactica: decornified and cheese-free

I’ve been terribly lax in writing about the new Battlestar Galactica series. It’s excellent, and if you’re not watching it, I beg you to give it a try. Sci-Fi is playing the first 5 episodes of the series (all that’s aired in the US so far) Tuesday night, starting at 7, and the miniseries/pilot is available on DVD. New episodes air Friday night at ten and rerun Mondays at the same time.

The showrunner, Ron Moore, keeps a blog, and it’s well worth reading. I especially enjoy his entry on the first episode, 33. Down with fanboy technobabble!

I’ve seen a few episodes of the original, and heard of original fans going up in arm over the changes that were made, but almost everyone I’ve spoken to has embraced the new series. Give it a try. Please.

Dark Nest hints

And in the sea of prequel news, we get a small peek at the EU future… Sue Rostoni posted a bit from the cover copy of The Swarm War, first book of Troy Denning’s Dark Nest Trilogy:

As for Luke, he will have to prove, in a lightning display of Force strength and swordsmanship, that he is — beyond a shadow of a doubt — the greatest Jedi Master in the galaxy.

See it straight from the source here. Rostoni also said we should be seeing the book’s cover (and presumably, the full blurb) within a month.

TV News: Lost, Alias, and… Degrassi??

Fantasy and sci-fi is now in demand on TV. Wasn’t it only yesterday that Angel and Firefly were canceled?

Naturally, Lost is on the forefront of the trend, and J.J. Abrams talks about the show’s future. Meanwhile, producers are thinking about releasing an ‘official album’ from Charlie’s band.

On Alias, Weiss gets some action.

And, last but not least, Kevin Smith drops by Degrassi: The Next Generation a show I totally do not watch (erm) to mack on his childhood crush. Jason Mewes (Jay) and Alanis Morissette also appear.