George Lucas still richer than you

Revenge of the Sith was last year’s top earner, making $380.3 million. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, War of the Worlds, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Wedding Crashers (one of these things is not like others) round out the top 5. Thus, it’s not too suprising that several Episode 3 stars are among the top draws – Christoper Lee, Ewan McGregor, and Samuel Jackson. Liam Neeson is there too – if you can’t be a Jedi, I guess voicing Jesus in lion form and smacking around Batman are good substitutes.

A Club Jade Poll

I polled a number of CJers on the releases of 2005 and here are the results:

Best Movie
Revenge of the Sith came out on top with 45.5% of the vote. Serenity made a strong show for second place with 40.9%, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was third with 27.3%.

Best Fan Parody
No surprise here: it was the Star Wars Trilogy: Musical Edition that captured the majority vote with 61.9%. In second place, the comic I <3th Darth.

Best Star Wars Fiction
Matt Stover’s Revenge of the Sith novelization was the clear winner with 81.0%.

Best SW nonfiction/reference
With 66.7%, Dressing a Galaxy was our favorite non-fiction publication.

Best genre TV
I admit I slipped up here, forgetting to include at least two shows (Stargate and Stargate:Atlantis) so the majority vote was a tie between Battlestar Galactica and ‘Other’. D’oh.

This completely unscientific poll is still open for members.

The year in blogs

According to Blogpulse, Revenge of the Sith was the second most blogged movie of the year. A New Hope also made it in at #24, but there are plenty of other familiar names.

Meanwhile, the Star Wars Last Supper painting we linked in May was one of the most blogged images.

Darth Vader didn’t make the ‘top people’ list, but Harry Potter did beat out President Bush, Pope John Paul II, and Britney Spears for the top spot.

Meanwhile, CJers are working on a best-of list of our own. We’ll be chat tonight (10:00pm Eastern,, #clubjade) if you’d care to join.