CJ’s Very First Contest


Make us a Star Wars themed nativity scene! Then send us pictures. The best one – as chosen by a crack panel assembled from the Club Jade mailing list – wins.

You can use pretty much any medium – a drawing, action figures, your pals from the 501st… We’re not picky.

Send us at least 3 but no more than 6 “high-res” (at least 600 pixels wide) quality JPGs of your entry. At least one must be a full shot of the scene, the rest can be closeups or details. Email your entries to simpletricks@gmail.com by December 15th, 2005.

Originality counts, so be as creative as you can. Remember, CJers love the bizarre.

1. The scene must contain at least 5 recognizable Star Wars characters. It doesn’t have to be all Star Wars characters, but they should be the main focus.

2. Only one version of each character may be used – you can have an Anakin or a Vader, not one of each. (Multiple Stormtroopers/Clonetroopers/Jawas and such are fine, but only one of each will count towards the 5 figure total. Yes, different kinds of troopers are fine.)

3. Pictures must be in focus. Mostly. We need to be able to tell who’s who.

4. Keep it at least PG-13.

5. Mind tricks don’t work on us. Only funny.

The first place winner will get a choice of $50 gift certificate to either Star Wars Shop or Amazon. First, second and third place winners (and maybe more) will get their entries posted to the Club Jade blog for all to admire.

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