Can the Man of Steel Steal Hearts?

In an attempt to try to keep enticing viewers to the latest installment of the Superman curse, er, movie, Warner Brothers dropped off some new pictures to

Is the new Superman causing any hearts to start fluttering, yet?

One has to wonder if they’re even thinking this will make a splash in the US, since the official site is only for international audiences. (There is a US site called Blue Tights, but it doesn’t appear to be official. Maybe they’re trying to do a type of thing?)

3 Replies to “Can the Man of Steel Steal Hearts?”

  1. I think I still want my Dean Cain Superman. Lois & Clark may have been somewhat over the top, but when is Superman not over the top?

  2. I certainly wouldn’t call him bad looking, but he’s rather bland. Superman has always been bland to me, so I guess that’s a good sign.

  3. I hope he comes across better while acting because these pictures are doing nothing for me.

    I guess I have a bias for the overly-handsome Christopher Reeves and Tom Welling.

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