Lucasfilm thanks fans for response to The Force Awakens trailer


In a new post on, Lucasfilm thanks fans for their response and enthusiam regarding the new trailer.

Thank you all for making the Star Wars universe what it is, and for keeping it alive and growing and meaningful. Star Wars is back and beginning an exciting new journey, and it’s because of you.

They also reveal that the trailer has been viewed online more than 112 million times in 24 hours.

And since it’s been such a busy week, here’s an overview of our own trailer coverage:

→ The trailer itself and some quick analysis. Dunc’s early reaction can be heard along with the rest of the Trailer Council and James live-watches.

john-boyega-vertPost-trailer tweets, because we know what you’re here for. Don’t miss John Boyega’s extended reaction video (and BB-8’s!)

Ticket sales go nuts and other post-trailer miscellany, though at least one record went unbroken.

More on the trailer’s music, and hear an isolated version of it without all those distracting visuals and dialouge.

A pair of interesting meta peices on the Jedi Order prompted by the trailer. We also reblogged several interesting Tiumblr posts: The stories, Kylo Ren’s stance and his place as a villian

On that note, we’ve featured quite a bit The Force Awakens stuff on Tumblr lately.

New Star Wars trailer doesn’t break own traffic record


The third trailer for The Force Awakens couldn’t beat the one-day viewing record set by the second trailer in April. (Yes, technically the new one is the trailer and the last one was a teaser, but: Deal with it.) Still, 37 million views is nothing to sniff at – and that’s only Youtube. An estimated 15.9 million tuned into to Monday Night Football during halftime for the trailer’s official debut.

The Force Awakens trailer music wasn’t arranged by John Williams after all (but it’s still pretty great)


While the music in the latest trailer for The Force Awakens obviously uses John Williams’ original work from the previous Star Wars installments, it’s not a newly composed track from the composer, as many of us originally assumed. /Film digs in a little and comes up with a few names.

Below, a version of the trailer music with the distracting volume fluctuations for dialouge normalized. (via)