Gate Geek – Daniel helps launch SGU

It looks like we’re going to be seeing Daniel Jackson in the premiere of Stargate Universe.  Michael Shanks told SciFi Wire that he’s been approached to do the cameo thing. 

Speaking of SGU, a good way to start accepting the new SGU gang will be to catch actor Brian J. Smith (Lt. Matthew Scott) during his guest stint on Law & Order on February 11th.

And, in spite of the rumors going through the worried internet denizens, Michael Shanks is talking about the movies coming up.  (More RDA!  More RDA!) Can we all stop worrying about not seeing our SG1 or SGA faves again?  Those actor contracts will come along soon enough.

In other Stargate news, GateWorld interviews Connor Trinneer.  (Don’t look if you haven’t seen Prodigal, yet!)