Genre TV Round-Up – Chuck in 3-D

It’s no wonder genre shows are struggling when you have to wait so long to see new episodes.  But NBC is trying to rally us back around to their Monday night line-up with gimmicks and fun.

Chuck will not only be in 3-D, but will feature appearances by Dominic Monagahan and Scott Bakula (as Chuck’s dad?!).

And Heroes will try to stop hemorrhaging viewers by doing a spot during the SuperBowl in which we explore what it would look like if Heroes played football.  (It’ll also be the start of the supposedly-tightened-up Volume 4.)

Another NBC-owned show, Battlestar Galactica, gets some squee from the Watch with Kristin staff who are celebrating them some love.  (By the way, have you been catching the Best Of…series on the website?)

And finally, an interview with Sanctuary star/producer Amanda Tapping, who talks about having a great first season and what might be to come if they make it back on air by October.

2 Replies to “Genre TV Round-Up – Chuck in 3-D”

  1. I’m so not motivated to watch genre TV of any kind for the past…well, when did B5 go off the air? But I keep getting tempted to be sucked into Heros.

  2. I’ve enjoyed Heroes. Yeah, it’s gotten a bit unfocused sometimes, but I enjoy the characters and am intrigued to see where they take it.

    And I think you’d really like Chuck.

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